Keep Your Skin Naturally Healthy with Sanex Zero%

We have two homes – our bodies and the planet. It’s important to take care of them both but it’s not always easy. Luckily conscious consumption doesn’t have to come with major lifestyle changes. Sometimes it’s the small things you can start doing today – like choosing the products you use on your skin.

Enter Sanex Zero% - the skincare range that helps promote healthy skin while respecting the planet.

Keep Your Skin Naturally Healthy with Sanex Zero%

How Zero% Respects Your Skin:

Do you check the ingredients list of your skincare products? We do too, and we know that certain ingredients can cause sensitivity and dryness, especially if you have sensitive skin. That’s why we’ve developed Sanex Zero%, using only carefully selected natural ingredients that help keep your skin healthy. Enrich your shower experience with Sanex Zero% shower gel, for a gentle cleanse that is:

  • 0% fragrance
  • 0% sulfate
  • 0% colourants
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologically-tested

How Zero% Respects the Environment

The Sanex Zero% range doesn’t only nurture your skin; it’s designed with the environment in mind.

Our new 99% biodegradable formula is dermatologically developed to help protect your skin and the planet.

We also use less plastic and recyclable material to package our gentle shower gels and deodorants.

Sanex Zero% Shower Gel

The Sanex Zero% range has all the goodness that your skin needs, and nothing more. Our Zero% shower gels and deodorants are made with carefully selected natural ingredients that gently work with your skin. Keep your skin healthy with the Sanex Zero% Sensitive Skin Shower Gel. It’s fragrance-free formula cleanses and protects even the most sensitive skin. If you have dry skin, the Sanex Zero% Dry Skin Shower Gel is here to give your skin the moisture boost it needs. 

Sanex Zero% Deodorant

Enjoy that just got out the shower feeling for even longer with our aluminum-free deodorants. Try Sanex Zero% Sensitive Skin 24hr Deodorant, its 0% alcohol formula protects your underarms while giving you 24hr odour protection.

Make Sanex Zero% part of your routine and feel better about the choices you make for your skin as well as the planet.

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