Our Mission

Healthy skin for everyone

Healthy skin is important. Skin protects our whole body and is the mirror of our overall health. Giving our skin a little care and attention every day helps to keep it in optimum condition. That’s why we develop products that help skin work naturally at its best.

two people layind down smiling holding each other's faces with their hands
A hand holding thier arm with a naked back

About Us

Here at Sanex, we pour all of our experience and expertise into developing the best products and services to help your skin be and perform at its healthy best, by supporting its natural processes.

Your skin is as unique as you are.

We understand that its needs change over time, and according to different seasons, environments or health conditions. We are constantly investigating and innovating, striving to push the boundaries of skin health expertise in our quest to develop the best solutions for your skin.


At Sanex we understand the real power of skin. Not only does it protect us, it also lays the foundations for the most powerful forms of human connection. Our skin will always outshine a screen when it comes to making us feel good - as real connection crosses borders, boundaries and generations.

Two hands holding each other
a naked baby smiling with two fingers pointed at the baby with a drop of lotion on the baby's forehead

Skin teaches us our first lessons

It is our first language. We experience the world through skin before we can even speak or listen. Skin plays a vital role in the development of the limbic system, the part of the brain in charge of emotional learning and memory. So when a mother lovingly holds her newborn baby for the first time, her skin is already teaching lessons of love, compassion, gratitude and joy. From that moment and for the rest of our lives, we use the power of skin to transmit emotion to those around us.

a baby hand holding an adult's hand

The history of Sanex

Our range, which is constantly enriched with new products, is here to celebrate the uniqueness of each person and the diversity in skin types.

For over 30 years, Sanex has brought you and your family the best solutions to keep your skin healthy. Our skin never stops growing and changing. Nor do we. Today, we are more committed than ever to delivering long-standing excellence and state-of the art innovation in personal care.