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Skin is amazing. It’s our body’s largest and most spectacular organ. It protects us, reflects our wellbeing and connects us to each other. The more we know about our skin, the better we can care for it.

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Specialist knowledge at your fingertips

Our skincare experts offer you guidance and tips on how to best care for your skin and that of your loved ones. We explore cutting-edge clinical research and translate it into clear, relevant findings and meaningful advice that you can understand and use.

Sharing all we have learned about skincare is part of our mission to help you do what you do best: take care of yourself and those you love.


Skin: a natural wonder

Skin protects you Icon

Skin protects you

Healthy skin provides your whole body with a two-way barrier: it keeps contaminants out and locks moisture in. It shields you from UV rays, pollution, bacteria, viruses and other harmful stimuli.

Skin insulates you Icon

Skin insulates you

Healthy skin holds a constant body temperature of 37ºC, maintained through perspiration and the constriction and dilation of blood vessels.

Skin allows you to feel Icon

Skin allows you to feel

Skin is covered with receptors that allow you to feel heat and cold, pain and sensory pleasure. It reveals your moods and is intrinsically linked to your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Skin is part of your immune system icon

Skin is part of your immune system

Your skin can recognise infectious agents and trigger defence mechanisms.

Skin regenerates itself

Skin regenerates itself

Your skin sheds its dead cells on a daily basis, creating a new layer of skin every 28 days. Even while you sleep, your skin is busy exfoliating and renewing itself.

The importance of healthy skin icon

The importance of healthy skin 

Your skin is a resilient and complex organ, with multiple layers of tissue, collagen and glands. It is a vital living reflection of your inner health and wellbeing, and vice-versa.

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Help your skin to help you

Helping your skin to work at its natural best starts with choosing the products you want to use every day, and which are suited to your skin type. Healthy skin adapts to seasonal or environmental changes, regulates moisture and temperature, and protects you against external elements.

A daily skincare routine can constantly replenish your natural resilience. By working with our skin a little every day, we prime it to work for us.