Skin Care Tips: Why you should add body lotion to your skin care routine

You probably take the time to moisturise your face each morning, but what about your body? The skin on our body also needs extra hydration to keep it looking and feeling its best throughout the year. Here’s how to use body lotion and five reasons why you should moisturise your skin daily.

1.It will help keep your skin soft and healthly - even in the depths of winter

During the winter, our skin has a lot to contend with. From the coldness of the outdoors, to the warm central-heated environment of our homes, the changing temperature can be really dehydrating and increase sensitivity. A daily application of body lotion, however, will help keep your skin smooth and hydrated throughout the year. “Moisturiser works by trapping water inside the skin, thus keeping it hydrated,” explains Dr. Zac Handler, dermatologist consultant.

Skin Care Tips: Why you should add body lotion to your skin care routine

2.Applying body lotion daily can help keep eczema flare ups and skin sensitivity at bay

According to the National Eczema Association, “moisturisers continue to be an important adjunct therapy for a variety of dermatologic conditions”. This is due to the way that body moisturisers help lock water into the skin, strengthening it’s natural barrier function. Formulas containing lipid molecules (otherwise known as ceramides) are particularly effective at restoring barrier function and will help the skin feel more comfortable. “For those, males and females, who are prone to dry or cracked skin, moisturisers are an important part of maintaining a healthy skin barrier,” says Dr. Zac Handler. “Products with ceramides are formulated to replenish lipids that have been lost from the skin”. Apply all over your body a few minutes after taking a shower or bath to keep skin flare ups at bay.

3.Moisturising’s a relaxing, daily act of self-care

We all know how good a small act of self-care can make us feel, and a good body lotion is one simple way of helping you wind down after a busy day. Apply your favourite cream or lotion after an evening bath or shower, taking care to massage your arms and legs where tension often settles. You’ll feel fresh, relaxed and smell gorgeous too.

4.It will help your skin appear more supple and firm

As the skin loses elasticity and plumpness with age, it becomes even more important to keep it hydrated. Simply apply a moisturising body lotion to your skin each day to help to maintain its elasticity and firmness. You’ll look as good as you feel.

5. It’s a great way to keep on top of rough patches on your feet and elbows

Skin on the elbows, knees and heels can become really dry if not adequately hydrated. If you find it hard to remember to apply a specific cream such as a heel balm each day, cover them instead with your usual body lotion. While not quite as concentrated, you’ll be giving these patches of skin a much-needed dose of daily hydration. See how this habit makes a big difference over time.

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