The functions of healthy skin

Skin does many things for us, but to perform all of its essential functions naturally, it sometimes needs a little help. Sanex knows that every skin is different and that some skin types need a little extra care; that’s why our products are carefully formulated to keep skin in a healthy condition.

Skin protects you

Healthy skin provides your whole body with a two-way barrier: it keeps contaminants out and locks moisture in. It is your first line of defence, shielding you from trauma, UV rays, pollution, germs and other harmful stimuli.

Skin insulates you from hot and cold

Healthy skin holds a constant body temperature of 37ºC, maintained through perspiration and the constriction and dilation of blood vessels.

Skin is part of your immune system

Your skin can recognise infectious agents and trigger defence mechanisms.

Skin allows you to feel

Skin is covered with receptors that allow you to feel heat and cold, pain and sensory pleasure. It reveals your moods, when you are angry or embarrassed. Skin goes beyond skin-deep – it is intricately linked with your physical and emotional wellbeing.